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Mordecai Brown

When Mordecai Brown was young, he lost three fingers on his right hand to a farm machine accident. Refusing to let that slow him down, he kept practicing his throwing with that hand. Soon he became so good that he was able to enter major league baseball. In fact, his injury gave him a unique opportunity. A star pitcher, he boasted a curveball that Ty Cobb called “devastating.” During his time with the Chicago Cubs, the team won 5 World Series games. Through hard work, determination and practice, Mordecai Brown overcame his physical limitations to spend 14 years in the Major Leagues and become a baseball legend.

Starting pitcher Mordecai Brown

That old paw served me pretty well in its time. It gave me a firmer grip on the ball, so I could spin it over the hump. It gave me a greater dip.
~ Mordecai Brown

“Brown, to my way of thinking, is the most courageous pitcher in the history of baseball…. Cool as a deep-sea fish and brave as a lion, nothing fazes him.”
~ Orval Overall



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