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10 People Who Saved Jews During World War 2

The ten Boom family of Holland is very well known for their efforts to shelter and smuggle Jews to safety, which landed them in prison and concentration camps. Here are 10 more brave, caring people who also risked their lives to save Jews during World War 2.

1. Feng Shan-Ho (Chinese diplomat in Austria) — issued visas to Jews so they could escape legally

2. Irena Sendler (Polish social worker) — smuggled Jewish children from ghettos

3. Hugh O’Flaherty (Catholic priest inVatican City) — organized concealment and escape of Jews and Allied soldiers (his story was dramatized in the movie Scarlet and the Black)

4. Giorgo Perlasca (Italian) — created fake passports for Jews

5. Chiune Sugihara (Japanese diplomat in Lithuania) — assisted Jews in leaving the country, in direct disobedience of his orders

6. Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz (Nazi—yes, you read that right, he was a Nazi—envoy to Denmark) — arranged for thousands of Danish Jews to leave and avoid deportation

7. Frank Foley (British Secret Service agent in Germany) — “Scarlet Pimpernel” working on behalf of Jews

8. Aristides de Sousa Mendes (Portugese diplomat in France) — illegally issued Jews visas

9. Dimitar Peshev (Bulgarian government oficial) — stopped deportation of Bulgarian Jews

10. Raoul Wallenberg (Swedish humanitarian in Hungary) — sheltered and gave Jews documentation for use in escaping

Read more on Listverse’s 10 People Who Saved Jews During World War Two

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3 thoughts on “10 People Who Saved Jews During World War 2

  1. Good info. Never knew all this! Thanks for researching for us.


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