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The Lost Jewel

In 1867, while working on a rented piece of land in Wisconsin, Charles Woods found a stone he mistook for quartz or topaz. It was, in fact, the 16-carat Eagle Diamond. Woods kept the diamond until he had to sell it because of financial reasons—for $1. Samuel Boyton, who acquired it, had it examined, found it to be a real diamond, and sold it to Tiffany’s for almost $800. Following World War 1, JP Morgan purchased the Eagle Diamond and donated it to New York’s Museum of Natural History. One fall day, three burglars broke in through a bathroom window and stole the diamond, as well as numerous other gems. They were quickly captured and most of the jewels were recovered, with the exception of the Eagle Diamond. Experts believe that it was resold and cut up, as it has never been recovered.

Five views of the Eagle diamond

Source: Hamilton Jewelers 

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