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You can attend! Living History Days 2013

Hello all!

Do you enjoy history? Do you like watching historical movies? Did you ever wonder what it was like in the tumultuous but exciting days of the American Revolution? Well, you have the exciting opportunity to find out!

I wanted to let you know of a great event taking place on September 27 and 28, 2013, called the Living History days, done by Visionheirs. If you are in the Denver area of Colorado, I would strongly encourage you to attend. There are skits, volunteers costumed as colonial characters, reenactments of battles, booths and demonstrations on agriculture, the military, colonial food, gun making, and woodworking, activities to do, and more!  We really enjoy attending this wonderful experience of 1700s colonial America. 😀

Here is the link with all the information. Please share this event with anyone who may be interested! Thank you!


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