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Stitches though history

An interesting little piece on embroidered samplers, from a crafting magazine. Just had a little time to leaf through it, but I wanted to share this with you!

From Issue #2 (September-October 2013) of Stitch-It…today

Book cakes

Check out these beauties posted on For Reading Addicts! So clever and cute!




New Category: Literary Picture Quotes #1

I’m making “quote pictures,” with quotes from books on stills from movies, or other photos. (I don’t own the rights to any of these movies, I’m just doing these for fun!) I’ve been having a blast making them, and I’ll be posting them here on my blog. Enjoy!


Happy Chinese New Year!

Here are some decorations made by the kindergarten kids in the daycare where I work 🙂

A whole wall of color!

There are these masks/puppets of lions, dragons, and fish, with paper streamers.

Hung all around are strings with mini lanterns and paper cutouts.


Tiger in the middle


Bee, bull, dragon


Pig, bull, sheep, dragon


Fan, dog, flower, fish


Flower, tiger, rat, horse


Bee, butterfly, rooster


Bird, fish, pineapple

And lastly, a row of Chinese boys and girls.

Happy Chinese New Year: Gong Hei Fat Choy!

Spot of tea?

A cozy read on tea in different countries!

This is What a Cup of Tea Looks Like in 22 Different Countries

The 38 United States of America?

In 1973, California State University geography professor George Etzel Pearcy suggested a redrawing of the 50 US states’ borders to rearrange large cities, and a renaming of the 38 resulting states in respect of geography and culture. His proposed map is below.

Read more here on MentalFloss.

Times Square and Lt. Col. Francis Duffy

On my awesome trip to New York, which I’ve been blogging about here and here, I got to visit Times Square!IMG_1058
I saw a very interesting thing there—this Cross.IMG_1093
This Cross commemorates Lt. Col. Francis Duffy, the most decorated chaplain in US military history. Lt. Col. Duffy, an Irish Catholic, served with the 69th Infantry/165th Infantry in the Spanish-American War, and in Europe during World War I. IMG_1102
The following is from

He was most often found along the front lines hearing confessions and saying Mass, as well as visiting and counseling the soldiers. It was by his “ministry of presence” that he had his greatest influence and became an almost a legendary figure. Once the fighting began, he often traveled with a unit first-aid station, providing physical and spiritual care to the wounded and the dying. His presence on the battlefield was inspirational. Duffy was always near the heaviest fighting, exposing himself to constant danger as he moved from unit to unit. His decorations included the Distinguished Service Cross and the Distinguished Service Medal.

Closer up.IMG_1105 IMG_1106
And there’s a statue of Lt. Col. Duffy on the other side.IMG_1107 IMG_1108
Holding a Bible.
It’s so neat that this brave man of God is commemorated in this special, public way!

Read more about Lt. Col. Duffy at NYC Parks and SixtyNinth.

Blessed Thanksgiving!

O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.
~ Psalm 107:1

image -image via Wikipedia

Happy Star Wars Day!

And Star Wars fans everywhere wish each other “May the Fourth be with you,” a pun on a famous Star Wars blessing 🙂 Here are some pictures our family took at a “Star Wars Day at the Zoo” in 2011.


For more on how May 4 became Star Wars day, check out this post of mine. May the Force be with you!

That’s cold!



Prayers for everyone in cold weather now. Stay safe and warm!

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