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Spot of tea?

A cozy read on tea in different countries!

This is What a Cup of Tea Looks Like in 22 Different Countries

The 38 United States of America?

In 1973, California State University geography professor George Etzel Pearcy suggested a redrawing of the 50 US states’ borders to rearrange large cities, and a renaming of the 38 resulting states in respect of geography and culture. His proposed map is below.

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Book Lovers’ Day!

-via the History channel’s Facebook page

In prison…


Travelling President

Theodore Roosevelt was the first United States president to journey outside US borders while in the office. The visit was to the Panama canal being built at the time, a pet project of his.

Source: Ken Burns’ documentary “The Roosevelts: An Intimate History”

The Denver Broncos set NFL records!

More football records set by my favorite team, the Denver Broncos 😎 We weren’t able to watch the Broncos-Raiders game today, but we saw the updates and stats roll across the bottom of the screen while watching other games.


Quarterback Payton Manning broke the record for the most passing yards in any regular season.

The Broncos as a team have broken the record for the most points scored in a regular season. This season, they scored 606 points.

Read more here:–nfl.html

Haven’t I seen you before?



League of the Three Petticoats

The mid-18th-century “League of the Three Petticoats” consisted of Austria’s queen Maria Theresa, influential Frenchwoman Madame Pompadour, and Empress Elizabeth of Russia. Their struggle against King Frederick of Prussia, over land in Europe, was part of the Seven Years’ War.

Burger Jack


Source: Today I Found Out

Million-dollar book

The most expensive book ever sold is the Codex Leicester, a collection of Leonardo da Vinci’s handwritten thoughts, ideas and sketches. It was bought by Bill Gates at an auction for $30.8 million.


Source: Rich People Things

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